About Laura

I’ve always enjoyed working with and serving people – singing to elders as a toddler, volunteering as a teen, teaching and entertaining professionally. I’ve also enjoyed being an adventurer – moving far away, traveling, and trying many “unusual jobs.” But sometimes (to my recurring surprise) I’ve ended up depleted and feeling overwhelmed with way too much on my plate. What to give up? What to keep?

My creative endeavors have provided much solace, helping me regain focus and actually redefining my mission and purpose. Through mind-mapping and journaling I organize not only my business but my inner life, my feelings and values. Through SoulCollage® I continually identify the roles I find myself playing – my inner critic, scared child, warrior, worrier, genius and diva – and have a chance to befriend them all!

I’m excited to share these powerful and creative techniques with you, as you find your path and embrace your journey.

Laura has used the language of imagery with teachers, students, nurses, and other professionals to strengthen “the sense of SELF from which they give.” She began her own work with SoulCollage® more than 10 years ago, and has taught numerous art forms to both beginners (who claim they have no talent) and fellow artists. She has worked extensively in public and private schools, and also with elderly adults. Her passion is raising the energy of participants to feel valued and free in their expression and celebration of their lives.

She is a graduate of Maryland Institute, College of Art, and also studied at Loyola Collage in Baltimore. She’s lived in Oregon, California and Maryland.